051    |    Basic Products

Various product shots taken either in location or in a portable studio setup and with basic to mid-range setup only and very low level editing (almost none).

052    |    InSitu

A mixture of marketing asset & promotional content, all captured on location and styled by Matt Terrey Photography, based on discussions and interaction with client on the outcome concepts. 

Minimal Editing done to remove major reflections on bottles, correct colours and increase punch.

053    |    Moody Brews

Shot in private setup for private use only, full shoot design by Matt Terrey Photography.  

A mixture of entry level to moderate level editing to remove primary blemishes & reflections, with some "refilling of bottles" and all with basic enhancements done for punchiness to images.

054    |    Cheesy Blends

Entry level blends, done with minimal time/effort for the sole purpose of starting to highlight capabilities & concepts, noting that higher-end versions of these have NOT been prepared as these were not client paid images and as such, are only basic, unrefined examples only.

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